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Jas Leverette, host of Netflix Show "Canine Intervention", hired me to work with him and come up with an angle to get into the app space. He already had an online video curriculum, but it was mostly "lecture" and no "lab"; much "explaining" but not enough "doing." This was my proposed solution to these problems.


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Cali K9: App Prototype

Details in this work sample have been altered to preserve privacy, including the use of fictitious names and product information.



Jas Leverette, host of Netflix's "Canine Intervention," approached me to explore entering the app space. Jas already had an online video curriculum, but it was mostly "lecture" and no "lab"...it had much "explaining" but not enough explicit instruction to get to the "doing."

An analogy I think is appropriate is: it’s like a physical trainer at the gym shows you how to do the exercises, but doesn’t teach you how to build a routine.

Ultimately, I felt that the videos lacked the high-energy bootcamp essence of Jas' in-person dog training classes.


Following our consultation, I identified three potential content forms to assist Jas' clients: the existing online curriculum, ad-hoc articles, and an app. The envisioned app would guide users through daily dog training "workouts," progressing from easy to challenging environments, and utilizing commands from the online video curriculum. The clients would unlock workouts as they progressed through the app.

The assignment was to build a prototype to tie together the content sources and help visualize the app experience. From that point, Jas could make a business decision on whether entering the app space was going to be worthwhile.

The Action I Took:

I immersed myself in Jas' content, leveraging my own dog training expertise to craft a cohesive prototype. Additionally, I developed an internal knowledge base for Jas' staff. Most importantly, I defined the app's core functionalities and user experience, akin to a workout app tailored for dog handlers. This took all my knowledge in dog training and ecological psychology to make.


Testing the prototype with clients yielded positive outcomes, highlighting the effectiveness of incorporating looping GIFs alongside instructional steps. This revelation suggested that the company could achieve its objectives through enhanced instructional content, rendering app development unnecessary at the time.

Creating a prototype saved substantial expenses and enabled informed decision-making regarding app development feasibility and ROI.

Ultimately, I got to work on something I loved (dog training) and I got to build something I’m proud to show.

created by | Randy Santamaria


This is the landing page of the prototype, wrapping all the content pieces together.

Internal site Landing Page.
Workout options, unlock as you go.
Pre-workout screen.

One exercise, in action

App Splash Page

Here, you can see the app Splash Page.

created by | Randy Santamaria